£30 Spring Sale, Rubber Chippings, forget inflation for a while


Rubber Chippings £30 Spring Sale, forget inflation for a while.

FIRMASOFTA Rubber Chippings has it all! Long lasting, easy to maintain and durable. Recycled from natural rubber products in UK.

Why choose FirmaSofta Rubber Play Chippings?  They are an ideal solution for playgrounds and children's play areas, offering a safer, cleaner and longer-lasting surface that your children will love!

Our Rubber Play Chippings are the perfect choice for all outdoor play areas helping you to create a more exciting, longer-lasting, and safer play area.

Most likely the best quality Playground safety flooring on the market. No truck or car tyres ~ no fibre, no wire, no dust ~ pure soft rubber.

Loose-fill or RESIN BONDED

Rubber Chippings from FirmaSofta are soft, clean, colourful, environmentally friendly and, most of all, they are fun.

Uniform size of the product, minimum fibre content and everlasting colour makes FirmaSofta Rubber Chippings ideal for the Resin Bond (wet pour like) application.

Perfect for busy playgrounds and pathways.

Long lasting, safe, easy to maintain, durable rubber chippings are excellent alternative to all-wood chip, bark and mulch applications.

Made from recycled rubber, it's also good for the environment.

Woodland mix or Original black

Loose-fill or Resin bonded

Firmasofta = simple choice, best quality

FirmaSofta Play Area Rubber Chippings

Loose fill Woodland Mix and Black







250kg Chippings

400kg Chippings

600kg Chippings

800kg Chippings