Mud Buster

Mudbuster Rubber Chippings

Surface for happy poultry


Firmasofta TM Fun & Safe premium surface for happy chicken

The chickens love it; it keeps them clean and gives them something to scratch in all day long.

Long lasting Firmasofta it is easy to install and almost maintenance free. All you have to do is put down underlay (will prevent it from being lost in the mud underneath) and cover with Firmasofta chippings to a depth of about 2 inch (50mm). Once down it will last for years.

Clean, safe and soft.
Firmasofta Mudbuster rubber chippings soft rubber is dust free and absolutely wire free.
Won’t deteriorate, become mouldy or slushy, splinter or decompose whatever the weather. The rubber does not absorb water and does not freeze.
Dirt washes through with the rain and if you add a disinfectant to the hose water it will keep the pen clean and fresh.

Rubber Chickens? No! Rubber Chippings

Newbie chicken keeper Geoff Henshall battles with the Welsh mud producing weather and is installing rubber chippings.