Safety first:

Chocking Hazard

Children have to be supervised at all times.

We all want to protect our kids and create a safe play environment. Firmasofta is independently tested and meets the latest stringent standards laid down in BS EN 1177: 2008 (impact absorption of play surfaces)

Only Firmasofta's natural impact absorbing protection helps protect kids from falls from play equipment up to 6.4 metres. The tables below show you how to install Firmasofta to meet the BS EN standards.

Firmasofta Play Chippings

Depth required

Number of kg per 1 m² **

Helps protects falls up to*


20 Kg

0.6 metre


40 Kg

1.8 metres


60 Kg

6.4 metres

Material / Sample

Rubber loose fill

Test Standard:

BS EN 1177:2008


Externally testing was
conducted on a mature lawn sub-base.

Internal testing was
conducted in controlled laboratory environment on concrete sub-base


Tested on concrete sub-base


50mm deep loose fill - CFH = 0.6m

100mm deep loose fill - CFH = 1.8m

150mm deep loose fill - CFH = 6.4m

Tested on mature lawn sub-base


50mm deep loose fill - CFH = 1.6m

100mm deep loose fill - CFH = 2.5m

This is the latest approved safety standard which measures the impact absorption of play surfaces from a range of fall heights from 0.6 to 6.4 metres.